Our history

In 1965 in Locorotondo, in the heart of the enchanting Valle d'Itria, in Puglia, a small local tailor-shop was born, full of ambition and desire for expansion.

Driven by a fervent passion for Italian haute couture, Michele Latorre started the production of tailored suits for men, gaining the trust of a loyal clientele.

The creative genius and entrepreneurial perspective of Michele, transmitted with dedication to his four sons, have grown the brand, transforming it from a modest family-run tailoring into an authentic emblem of excellence in the panorama of Italian men’s clothing, well-known and appreciated in every corner of the globe.


More than a brand

Founded on the invaluable passion for quality tailoring and affection for family tradition, Sartoria Latorre is a second generation company in which the precious secrets of the craft have been handed down over the years by Michele to his four sons: Vito, Alberto, Luciano and Alessio.

Founded on a fervent passion for excellence in the art of tailoring and love for the well-established family tradition, Latorre stands out as a second-generation company, where the precious secrets of this craft have been handed down over the years by Michele to his four sons: Vito, Alberto, Luciano and Alessio. Guided by immutable principles such as Quality, Responsibility and Service, the sons of Michele kept intact the knowledge and the enormous experience inherited from their father, mixing them with their young and dynamic entrepreneurial spirit. Latorre’s constant commitment to enhancing technology and innovation has allowed the company to preserve a level of excellence in quality and to better meet the needs of customers, always respecting a responsible approach to fashion and international reach.

From the study of design to the meticulous supervision of quality control, the entire production process of our fine garments is entirely carried out at our prestigious headquarters in Locorotondo, Puglia. Each garment, the result of careful and meticulous dedication, passes through the expert hands of our skilled craftsmen, who embrace with deep reverence the concept of sartorial excellence, giving life to clothes of fine workmanship. Coming from Locorotondo, our creations are distributed with care and selection among the most prestigious boutiques both European and non-European, where they find worthy appreciation from a refined clientele and sensitive to the intrinsic beauty of our textile masterpieces.

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